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Youth Restore $110, or Package of 6 for $540

Best for: those with mature skin including loss of firmness, enlarged pores, crepey skin, skin that is thin or thinning, milia, glycation(diamond-shaped pillowing of the skin), sun damage, and lines or wrinkles. Includes Celluma LED and MyoLift Microcurrent technology to increase collagen thickness, firm and tighten!  This treatment will focus on providing the skin with the nourishment it needs in order to build and strengthen. Approximately 2 hours.

*MyoLift Lifting&Firming Treatment $50

Series of 6 $270, Series of 12 $480

Best for: clients wanting a natural, non-invasive way to get a lifted and toned look. This treatment utilizes safe and painless electrical micro-current to tone, lift and firm sagging areas, enhance circulation, stimulate cell regeneration, and increase collagen and elastin. It can help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, diminish expression lines, redefine neck cheek and eye areas, and more. Small electrical pulses trigger a firming and tightening in the skin. This stimulation becomes a cumulative effect, making the skin smoother, firmer, and more resilient with each treatment. Best results are seen with a series of 6-12 treatments, with 1-2 treatments performed per week.

*Not suitable for pregnant clients or clients with pacemaker/metal implants, melanoma, epilepsy, shingles, skin irritations, varicose veins, or cancer. May be used on clients who have Bells Palsy or have had a stroke, with Doctors clearance/note. May bring on a migraine for some migraine sufferers who are sensitive to sound. Approximately 30-60 minutes.

SWiCH Treatment $140, Package of 3 $345

Best for: clients  over 35 showing visible signs of aging. This peel-alternative works by increasing the cellular energy within the skin to reduce signs of aging such as fine lines, lax skin, irregular pigmentation(sun damage), and a dull appearance. Get brighter, firmer, smoother skin without the injury or downtime of conventional peels! Safe for all skin types and tones. SWiCH requires that you be off of all retinol and glycolic products 4 weeks prior to treatment, and that you adhere to the 3 days of aftercare. Peeling is not typical but may occur due to rapid regeneration of the skin cells. Includes the 2 week follow-up Enzyme Treatment. Best results occur with a series of 3-6.

For all guests seeking a Skin Fix Treatment listed below, please book the Comprehensive Consult first, as that is the starting point for these specialty treatments. The Skin Fix services are longer treatments and it is important that we not skip/miss any steps, so please allow ample time for your appointment. Once you've completed your Consult, each of these treatments includes a full facial protocol, Ultrasonic Infusion and use of our award-winning Celluma LED- see our Celluma section for more details about the benefits of LED!

​Comprehensive Consult $45

This is where we begin your skin repair journey! This service can take between 30-60 minutes, so be sure to give yourself ample time on your first appointment so that we can cover everything without rushing through or missing any critical steps. Prior to your service you will be sent our Comprehensive Intake Form, which you will want to take your time on to ensure it is filled out properly and thoroughly addresses all of your skin concerns and goals. Upon arrival, we will review the Intake, going into detail on all areas that can be factors in your skin condition. We will take a Before photo for later comparison. The consult also includes use of a tool to determine beginning hydration and moisture levels of the skin, Skin Analysis, cleanse, and product allergy testing for those with concerns of allergies or sensitive skin(or a light enzyme treatment for guests without those concerns), and post treatment review where we will determine the appropriate homecare products and formulate a treatment program personalized to your skin needs and goals. This first step is crucial in determining where your skin is at currently, where we want it to go, and the way to get it there that will work best for YOUR skin!

Hydrate & Quench $90, or Package of 6 for $450

Best for: guests with skin that is dry(lacking oil-moisture) and/or dehydrated(lacking water-hydration), without apparent redness or inflammation. May include crepey skin or skin with lots of milia(tiny seed-like bumps). This treatment will focus on giving the skin the factors it needs in order to hold onto hydration and/or moisture. Approximately 90 minutes.

Redness Relief $90, or Package of 6 for $450

Best for: clients with skin showing redness, signs of any stage of rosacea, or broken capillaries. This treatment will focus on reducing inflammation and getting redness or rosacea under control. Approximately 90 minutes.

Skin Soothing $90, or Package of 6 for $450

Best for: anyone dealing with eczema/allergies, sensitive skin, reactive skin, irritated skin, compromised barrier, or inflammation. This treatment will focus on soothing, reducing inflammation and rebuilding the protective skin barrier to prevent further irritations. Approximately 90 minutes.

Calm, Clear, Control $90, or Package of 6 for $450

Best for: people dealing with acne, severe blackheads, inflamed acne, hormonal acne, cystic acne, PCOS, or PFB(pseudofolliculitis barbae). Please note that when using or changing hormones or birth control, it can take the body 3 to 6 months to adapt. This treatment will focus on reducing the inflammation of acne, clearing out blackheads or acne in a non-inflammatory and non-damaging way, preventing future acne, and reducing scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation(dark spots left behind by skin trauma). Approximately 90 minutes.


ABOUT COMPROMISED SKIN: When the skin is busy fighting off sensitivities, redness, reactions, dryness, dehydration, inflammation, rosacea, or other issues, it doesn't have the energy for other important cellular functions such as healing, regenerating, protecting itself, repairing damage, etc. This can not only exacerbate the existing issue but can also lead to premature signs of aging and weakened skin. Trying to do too much with harsh or strong treatments can overwhelm the already struggling and energy-depleted skin, which can actually make things worse. With that in mind, all of these treatments are crafted to be part of a Progressive Program, meaning we will begin gently by calming any inflammation and fixing the current condition while protecting from further damage, then as the skin begins to repair we will be able to move into Nourishing, Strengthening, Building, and Correcting additional issues. By treating the skin in this progressive manner, we are able to keep it as calm and strong as possible during each stage, to make true progress. Some people will see results faster than others, please be patient and give your skin time to heal and renew. 



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