Microfiber Bath Pillow

Create a spa in the comfort of your own home and enhance your ‘private spa’ moments with this microfiber bath pillow.
 COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Sink into a warm soothing bathtub and let the tension float away; Velvety soft microfiber bathtub pillow envelopes you in comfort while you bathe your worries away; Grab a book, some music, and relax.
THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Soft microfiber pillow is generous in size -22 inches across, cradling your head, neck, and shoulders for the perfect spa bath tub pillow. Sectioned design secures even firmness. Suction cups allow for secure hold to tub while soaking.
CHOOSE YOUR COMFORT LEVEL: Choose the amount of air, creating the perfect firmness for you. Use suction cups to secure your tub pillow where you want it. More head and neck support - raise the pillow position. More back support - lower the position.
DURABLE AND LONG LASTING: Our Spa pillow for bathtub is made with quality microfiber fabric that is perfect for soft sensitive skin. Suction cups are durable and well placed to keep spa pillow where it provides the head neck and shoulder support you need.


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