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LED is a technology originally designed by NASA to help astronauts heal faster in space! Light therapy is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to provide the energy that cells need to increase cellular production. The Celluma specifically has a unique flexible design that allows it to be placed as closely as possible to the skin, facilitating maximum absorption for faster better results! Another feature unique to Celluma is that although it has settings for Acne, Wrinkles, and Pain- each setting utilizes all 3 Powerful wavelengths(blue, red, near infrared) at once, for enhanced results!

Benefits can include stimulation of collagen and elastin for skin strengthening, accelerated tissue repair, reduced redness and inflammation, reduction in dilated/broken capillaries, reduced sun damage, increased circulation and moisture retention, smoother and improved texture, prevention of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, prevention or reduction in scarring, decreasing of acne bacteria, decreased wound size, and more! It is FDA-cleared to treat:

-Facial Wrinkles

-Arthritic Pain

-Diminished Local Circulation

-Inflammatory Acne

-Muscle and Joint Pain and Stiffness

-Muscle Tension and Spasm.

It can be used for Facial Rejuvenation, Body Pain, or to accelerate healing time after procedures such as surgeries, peels, microneedling, or any treatments that impair the skin barrier.

Check out our Facebook Page or Instagram for great Before&Afters or to learn more about what LED can do for you! Learn more about the science behind Celluma here or check out Celluma featured on the Rachael Ray Show for anti-aging here. Best results are seen with a series of 2 treatments per week for 6-8 weeks, though you can add it on to any facial for a revitalizing boost, or to massage for pain relief.

LED is safe and effective for guests of all skin types and ethnicities including sensitive skin, except for those who are pregnant, epileptic, have photo-allergy, or are on medications that cause light sensitivity. If you are unsure, please check with your doctor.

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