For all guests seeking a Skin Fix Membership, please book the Comprehensive Consult first. All Skin Fix Memberships other than the MyoLift require a 3 month commitment, to ensure significant results. 

​Comprehensive Consult $45

Prior to your service you will be sent our Comprehensive Intake Form-please fill out thoroughly. Your Consult includes: Intake review, Before photo, use of tool to determine beginning hydration & moisture levels, Skin Analysis, cleanse, product allergy testing for those with concerns of allergies or sensitive skin(or light enzyme treatment for guests without those concerns), & post-treatment review where we will formulate a treatment program, set up your Membership, & recommend personalized homecare products. 30-60 minutes.


Skin Fix Membership $75 monthly

For clients with any skin issues other than aging. Acne clients may require more than one treatment per month, and will receive additional treatments at a discounted rate. 60-90 minutes.

Youth Restore Membership $90 monthly

For clients wanting anti-aging. Includes MyoLift in treatment. 60-90 minutes.

SWiCH Membership $115 monthly

For clients over 35 with visible signs of aging. SWiCH works to reduce signs of aging such as fine lines, lax skin, irregular pigmentation(sun damage), & dull appearance. SWiCH requires that you be off of all retinol and glycolic products 4 weeks prior to treatment, & that you adhere to 3 days of aftercare. Includes the 2 week follow-up Enzyme Treatment. Best results occur with a series of 3-6. Up to 90 minutes.

MyoLift Lifting&Firming Membership

$45/weekly, one treatment per week for 6 weeks

$80/weekly, two treatments per week for 3 weeks

For clients with expression lines(11s, lines around mouth, forehead, lips, crows feet, or sagging jaw/neck). This treatment utilizes safe and painless electrical micro-current to tone, lift & firm, stimulate cell regeneration, & increase collagen and elastin. Has a cumulative effect, like a workout for your face! Best results are seen with a series of 6-12 treatments, with 1-2 treatments performed per week. 30-60 minutes.

*Not suitable for pregnant clients or clients with pacemaker/metal implants, melanoma, epilepsy, shingles, skin irritations, varicose veins, or cancer. May be used on clients who have Bells Palsy or have had a stroke, with Doctors clearance/note. May bring on a migraine for some migraine sufferers who are sensitive to sound. Approximately 30-60 minutes.



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